A personal shopping assistant that puts you in control of your brands, your data, and your future

An end to your personal data sale

NODO shields your identity and profile from advertisers and data brokers.
It’s a single source for your all your preferences and needs.
It works for you. On your terms.

A private shopping cloud

NODO finds and curates brands and products that match your interests.

It learns and tailors itself based on your feedback, not on a cookie-based profile of you.

And it does it all while keeping you in full control.

A smart wallet for all of your trusted brands

NODO keeps track of your trusted brands, sellers, and subscriptions.

Share the details you want, when you want. And enjoy the benefits of a cross-brand loyalty program.

An email inbox that works for you

NODOMail™ shows you only the brand marketing you want to see.

Use it when you shop, and it will filter relevant messages straight to your NODO account.

No more burner email addresses, no more tracking, no more spam.

Web3 ready, if you are.

NODO is ready for the next web, if you’re already there.

Bridge to your favorite web3 wallet, and find your benefits there.

The future. Easy.